Shepherds Pie, chocolate scones + Irish craft beer.

Early start today, we rushed off to London Gatwick Airport to catch a quick flight over the pond to Dublin. Husni nabbed an interview at a high profile company in London (can’t spill the beans yet…) so he had to stay behind, so Eric and I head over to Ireland to eat carbs and drink Guinness.



We landed and head straight into the Temple Bar district for a few pints and some Irish food at The Quays Irish Restaurant. We went for some crisp, battered fish balanced precariously on a bowl of chips and Shepherds Pie (which I promptly slathered with ketchup. I think this might be an Aussie thing, but we always piled a tonne of it on top as kids.)

Quays on Urbanspoon




We wandered around the cobble streets for a while and found our way to Cows Lane, where we stopped off at the Queen of Tarts for some of their famous scones.

Queen of Tarts on Urbanspoon


We went for a chocolate scone, filled with melty chocolate chips. I was always a bit of a scone fiend, and I think it is going to be a problem for me in the UK. My intake is rapidly increasing by the day… and it wasn’t low to start off with.



We head back for a rest in the hotel before heading out to dinner at Green Nineteen, a local restaurant that concentrates on quality produce, sourced locally where possible – we tried some Irish craft beers. Proudly brewed by a Kiwi and an Aussie!

Green 19 on Urbanspoon


Salads for dinner to counteract the beer we will be drinking over the next few days – that is how it works right?


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