We help businesses around the world reach their potential, by making customized services accessible: we help sole-trader craft makers, all the way through to global corporations.

We’ve worked as managers at World 50 Best and Michelin Restaurants in the US, we’ve designed pastry menus in London, we’ve written best-selling food books and set up chocolate factories and coffee shops in England and Singapore.

Our videographers have worked with Disney, our food photographers with Nespresso, Frank Green, MAST Chocolate and more. We design logos, build websites, write cookbooks, test recipes, manage social media channels and develop marketing strategies. If you’ve got a project, we’ve likely got the right person (or people) to take the weight off your shoulders.

All with no overpriced contracts; just simple, hourly rates. See us as an extension of your employee base, on call as and when you need us.

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Web development, marketing, social media management, photography: these are skills required by many industries – it’s easy for us to adapt.

We’ve got health-focused marketing coordinators who we’ve placed with yoga studios, we’ve put our designers on brand identity packages for beauty companies. Let us know what you need and we’d be happy to extend our affordable F&B focused rates to you.

The Problem

How can an owner-operated food business compete with the big guys, with their in-house marketers, web developers and more?

How can you find the time to get to the projects and expansions you’ve long thought about, when day-to-day operations take all your time and energy?

Our Answer

Consultants & agencies don’t come cheap. The weight of most things thus falls on your shoulders. We should know – we’ve worked in senior management in the industry for quite a few collective decades!

So, we had an idea: what if we brought together the best and brightest food industry talent we have worked with, from all around the world? Then, as a collective, we share our expertise and unique talents to help more businesses succeed.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

There’s no time-wasting trying to work something out, just because you don’t have the budget to outsource it. Just forward it to your project manager, and we will have an expert complete it in no time.

Plus, we charge in 15 minute increments, with no minimums. So if a task takes 15 minutes, you are charged 15 minutes.

That’s only fair, we think.

Our Founder

Lani Kingston, known globally for her books about coffee, has worked in food consulting, writing, and management worldwide for over a decade.

She’s been the Maître d’ at a World 50 Best restaurant in New York; education manager at Coffee Fest USA; the head teacher and program coordinator at a cooking school in Australia; the Director of Business Development for an F&B-focused venture capital firm in Singapore. She’s set up bean-to-bar chocolate factories in two countries, and consulted and created content for green coffee exporters based in London and Guatemala.

Her experience across the industry perfectly positions her to develop strategy and oversee any type of project, anywhere.


Our Founder has worked with:

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