Hello, I'm Lani Kingston

a food writer and consultant from Melbourne Australia.
Now I split my time between North America and Asia.

Best known for my first book, How To Make Coffee, which has now sold over 100k copies in six languages. However, my work has taken me to all corners of the food industry, in all corners of the world. 

Food is my passion, my career, my hobby. I’m interested in the how and why we eat, food culture and history, through to agricultural science, seeds and sustainability. I’m interested in small businesses championing the authentic, handmade, diverse and unique. I’m also interested in big businesses who are interested in connecting with consumers on their level, and making a difference.

I’ve been working for over a decade in senior management – as a Chef, Consultant, Brand Developer, Journalist, Marketer, Salesperson, Production Facility Manager. As maître d’ at a World 50 Best restaurant in New York; as a barista and pastrychef in London; as Director of Business Development for an F&B focused venture capital firm in Singapore. I’ve written best-selling books on coffee, and set-up bean-to-bar chocolate factories in two countries.

As an industry consultant, I found that once clients realized I had experience in many different fields, they usually asked for me to help them on multiple facets of their business. I found myself writing content – management consulting – providing tech support – representing clients at coffee shows in London and Seoul. I set up coffee events in Singapore and live-streamed visits to coffee farms in Guatemala.

But there were lots of things my clients needed that I couldn’t do – but I knew someone who could, and could do it well: that’s how Four Seasons of Food was born.