Client Testimonials

At Prana Chai, we’ve gone through many different marketing agencies over the years.

We first went for a pure technical agency, but then we became too technical: our marketing side, the feel and the look of the brand was lacking.

Lani and her team brought a total solution for us. Realistically you need to hire a technical person for SEO and the ad side of the business, then you need a hire another person to do the coding, then an in-house designer… then, you still need to draw up a strategy for them and follow through with it with proper reporting. And, I am not even talking about the PR side of things!

Four Seasons of Food took that burden from us, allowing us to focus on our core business. We had many meetings to make sure Lani and her team were on the same page as us: from then on, we’ve never looked back.

A small fast-growing company like ours, which has distinct distribution channels and different geological zones, needs clear cut strategies for all channels and all locations. The difference in market maturity of the locations adds a different level of sophistication to the overall plan.

In short, we made the right choice. A total solution without the overheads of an end-to-end agency, and flexibility to meet your needs: that’s what we were after and we got even more.

The proof is in the pudding they say. I am looking at my numbers and I am loving my pudding.

Koray Gencel-Co-Founder, Prana Chai (Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Korea and Japan)