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Date : 2015

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Highly-regarded book on the science and history of coffee. Over 100k+ copies printed in six languages, nine editions, eight countries: sold globally. Published by Quarto UK, Abrams USA, Max Ström Sweden, LIKE Finland and many more.

Used as a textbook in coffee academies worldwide and beloved by specialty coffee lovers and baristas, How To Make Coffee can now be found in Chinese, Korean, Thai, Finnish, Swedish and English.

A combination of the factual (touching on the species and anatomy of coffee plants, the chemistry of caffeine and its interactions with human physiology, the solubility of the bean’s various compounds) and the practical (how to roast, a discussion of the necessary gadgets, and step-by-step methods for how to brew).

Sasha Levine, Senior Editor of Bon Appetit, for

How To Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean is Lani Kingston, Four Seasons of Food founder’s first book.