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Date : 2020

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Client: Giorgio’s Gourmet

We developed hundreds of well-researched and chef-directed product descriptions for the product catalog of a North American luxury food importer, across a wide range of product categories. Descriptions were developed for products like handmade pasta, truffles, cured meats, jams, jellies, sauce,s and herbs.

Prosciutto di ParmaDelicately flavored and fragrant aromatic, our Prosciutto di Parma is produced from the hind legs of special heritage breed pigs, seasoned slowly in natural cellars for 18 months to produce a high quality and delicious product. Prosciutto di Parma is a protected designation of origin product – meaning that the Italian government has safeguarded the provenance and origin of products bearing this name. An age old tradition passed down from generation to generation, Prosciutto di Parma can only be produced from pigs raised in 11 approved regions of Italy. Fed on a diet of forage and leftover whey from Parmigiano Reggiano production, the flavour is often sweet and nutty as a result. 100% natural with no additives besides sea salt, air and time, it is no wonder it has been dubbed the ‘King of Hams’. This gluten and lactose free ham is deboned and pressed for a compact slice.

Balsamic Vinegar
12 yr DOP
Our traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP is aged for a minimum of 12 years in wood barrels, resulting in a fragrant, syrupy vinegar. Our balsamic vinegars are made of 100% late harvest Italian grapes of the Trebbiano and Lambrusco varieties. Using historic methods and wood barrels passed down through generations, our balsamic is produced under a governmental license afforded only to those restricted few producers who still follow traditional, true methods. Many ‘balsamic vinegars’ are made up of 10-30% grape must concentrate, up to 90% wine vinegar and often a little caramel coloring. Real balsamic vinegars should consist of mainly high quality grape must (which is where the complexity of flavor comes from), sometimes with a dash of wine vinegar. Note that this vinegar is made from 100% complex and aromatic grape must only, for the most complex flavor.
Summer TrufflesThe darling of the culinary world, the delectable summer truffle is one of the most prized food products available to modern cooks. Commonly found in the Mediterranean climate areas of France, Italy and Spain, this truffle is harvested in the fleeting months of summer and preserved for your enjoyment year round. Summer truffles are used in the haute cuisine of France and Italy and often have a hazelnut-like aroma – although these perfumed delights often exhibit a remarkable range of intricate flavours. Using first class ingredients and the perfect mix of traditional and modern production techniques, we are excited to offer a fine quality, good value conserved product that can make every season truffle season. Whole summer truffles are conserved in a mild brine and are a wonderful replacement for fresh. Shaved thinly and served raw or slightly warmed to protect the delicate flavor, they are brilliant sliced on pasta or risotto, lending luxurious flavour to hors d’oeuvres or meat dishes. or added to warm oil or butter with the brine in the jar used as a condiment.
Torrone in BlocchiTorrone (nougat) has been enjoyed in Spain and Italy around Christmas since the 15th Century. Honey, egg whites and nuts are caramelised, whipped into a meringue and cooled into a set confection. Our exquisite torrone is the careful product of artisanal production methods and high quality ingredients. Inspired by the Piedmontese hazelnuts and almonds that give these soft and gooey torrone its delicious crunch, this sweet is gluten free and set in 2.5kg blocks.
Raw Manchego PDOA unique and pleasant aroma and sharp, intense flavor is characteristic of Manchego, a sheeps milk cheese produced to exacting specifications in La Mancha, Spain. This region known for harsh environmental conditions with daily temperature conditions fluctuating as much as 70F. It is a large, flat plain – an extensive area that borders four different provincese of Spain mainly used for sheep grazing. The milk from these Manchego ewes is ripened for a minimum of 30 days for cheeses weighing over 1.5kgs, and 60 days for other formats. A protected designation of origin product (PDO), each cheese wheel needs to meet strict specifications for quality, geography and method of production. This cheese wheel is made with raw milk and aged 5-6 months, producing a rich cheese packed with flavor.
Pesto alla GenoveseProduced traditionally in Liguria, Italy, using antique equipment that carefully processes the delicate basil to retain the best flavor and texture. Basil, the principle ingredient of the delicious pasta dish “Pesto alla Genovese”, is one of the most typical and representative cultivations of Ligurian agriculture. Beginning at the farmlands surrounding the city of Genoa – from which the famous dish “pasta alla Genovese” takes its name – basil cultivation spreads across the entire region. Our delicious pesto alla genovese is made with only the finest basil grown in Liguria – a protected designation of origin product due to the fact that the quality of basil strongly depends on the environment in which it is grown. Thanks to its particular mild climate, abundant sunshine and the sea breeze, the entire region of Liguria proves to be ideal for basil farming. The pesto sauce is blended with oil, pine kernels, garlic, and other ingredients to create this beloved product, perfect with breads, pasta, fish or chicken, vegetables and more.
Strawberry JamOur selection of fine jams are made traditionally in the South of France – using small copper basins and grandmothers special recipe that contains at least 70% fruit. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, we select and harvest only at the fruit’s peak ripeness for exquisite and full flavor. Our jams are beloved by hoteliers and restaurants across France for their rich flavour and authenticity. With no additional conservatives or dyes, the authentic taste of the fruit can be preserved. In France, jam is a culinary obsession – with over half of the population making their own jams, many different combinations, recipes and ingredients abound. Our traditional strawberry jam uses only the plumpest strawberries, picked as they are about to burst with intense flavor. These sweet and juicy berries are perfect for jam – which might be why strawberry tops the list of France’s top 3 best loved jam flavors.
Acacia HoneyOut of over 300 varieties of honey, Асасіа hоnеу ѕtаndѕ оut as the most popular on the market due to a number of defining features. Produced from nectar bees collect from acacia, it is unobtrusive in flavour and perfect for many applications. It takes a long time (often 1-2 years from collection) to crystallize, making it shelf stable and a wonderful product to have in the pantry. Due to the short blossoming season of acacia, this popular honey is produced in small quantities annually. This, along with its many purported health benefits, result in this flavorful honey being in high demand. Its sweet and floral notes make it perfect with cheese, on toast, or to sweeten tea.
Grana Padano DOPThe Grana Padano name has protected origins and refers to the cheese produced all year long with raw semi-skimmed milk from specific regions of Italy. It is frequently used grated or added in dishes. The raw semi-skimmed milk used can not undergo any physical, mechanical or thermal treatment that could alter the status of natural raw milk – resulting in a cheese with rich and creamy flavor. The cheese is naturally aged by storing the product in vaults for a minimum of 9 months from production our Grana Padano is aged for a minimum of 16 months. The cheese is subjected to quality inspection not before the eighth month has been completed. Passing of this quality check will result in the wheel being branded by fire with the designation marks. The product can not be marketed as GRANA PADANO D.O.P. before passing the ninth month of age. Technically, although it is rich and creamy, it is a half-fat cheese as it is produced with semi skimmed milk. It is mostly composed of unsaturated fats (those considered good) and is is completely carbohydrate and also lactose free.
Jamon SerranoSpain’s most popular ham, this boneless Jamón Serrano has a much deeper flavor and firmer texture than other cured hams. It is generally served raw in thin slices, or occasionally, diced. Similar to Italian prosciutto, it has a stronger flavor and less fat. Jamón serrano literally means “ham from the sierra, or mountains”. Produced under the ETG guarantee (Traditional Elaboration Process) from European pigs, this Serrano ham is dry-cured for 15 months, obtaining a top-quality product with the exact amount of salt and a deep mediterranean aroma as well as a juicy and intense flavor. The gentle and long dry-curing period, together with the centenary know-how of the Redondo Family “Maestros”, all contribute to the delicious result of the Redondo Iglesias Serrano products.