Darren, Web Developer

Darren is a versatile full stack web developer with over a decade of experience building websites across a wide range of platforms and technologies. In the past seven years, developing primarily on the Shopify platform. He has worked on dozens of Shopify sites including several high-volume Shopify Plus stores with annual sales in the millions.

Darren has a comprehensive understanding of the Shopify platform and extensive experience with both front/backend development as well as configuration and setup. With a deep understanding of Shopify templating and the Liquid scripting language he can customize themes to any requirement. On the backend, he has worked on every aspect of shop setup and configuration as well as designed and built custom apps on Ruby on Rails.

Efficient and experienced, whatever your web development needs are, Darren is here to help!

Experienced in optimizing sites for performance/conversion; integrating Shopify and Google Analytics to provide store owners with data to help understand sales; managing import/exports and organization of Shopify product catalogs reaching into the tens of thousands of SKUs. He also has a great deal of experience with automation and integration of stores with outside warehouse and inventory systems.

Areas of expertise include working with the following technologies: Liquid, CSS (SASS), HTML5, Javascript/JQuery, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Git/Bitbucket, and Heroku. He has experience using many project management tools including Trello, monday.com, Slack, TaskWorld, and Basecamp.


Vancouver, Canada