Rachel, Recipe & Product Tester

Rachel is a meticulous recipe and product tester. Her thorough analysis and testing is a step any food developer or publisher can’t afford to miss.

Her recipe testing is second-to-none – she has a sharp eye and can detect many errors in a recipe before she’s even measured out one ingredient. As a self-taught cook, she attacks recipes like your customers would, and can highlight areas that could do with improved clarity for the non-chef. As a New Zealander who now lives in the USA, she’s perfectly comfortable with either metric or imperial, and can help convert and adapt recipes with ease.

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Rachel is one of the most passionate home cooks we have ever met, and her kitchen is second only to Noma’s in its array of equipment, ingredients, and jars filled with experiments. No matter what product you are looking to release, she will track down all of the highest-ranked competitors and do a full analysis of taste, flavour, consistency, ease of use, how each works in recipes. She will then report back to you on what you are facing in the market and how your product can gain an edge.

She has been testing cookbook recipes for over 30 years – having cooked her way through the classics, the oddities, the moderns, the science-filled – throw any cookbook her way and she’ll have sniffed out any misspellings, missing instructions, and volume mistakes before you can say metric conversion. She’s the perfect pick to develop exciting and innovated (but easily accessible) recipes for your new products blog, or to do a comprehensive test for your new cookbook.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Batch Testing, Ingredient Variations, Recipe Adaptation, Product Testing, Metric/Imperial Adaptations